AMCO Launches Disaster Preparedness Campaign

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Rhea Singh, Divisional Director – Consumer Products presents a Gasparillo resident with a Disaster Preparedness Kit from AMCO

Alston’s Marketing Company Limited (AMCO) launched their Disaster Preparedness Campaign 2014 with a visit to the flood-prone community of Reform Village, Gasparillo. Villages were delighted to see employees of AMCO approaching their households in Ben Lomand on handing out buckets that were fully stocked with essentials such as Brunswick Sardines, Energizer batteries, Target corned beef, Bop insecticide, Hefty garbage bags and first-aid kits.

“This is such a great a thing you are doing here. It’s good to see that someone cares,” one thankful resident expressed. “Sometimes the whole house under water and there is nowhere to go.”

In recent times, Reform Village families have been marooned, losing all their belongings, including livestock, and at times their homes to devastating floods in the area.

Rhea Singh, Divisional Director – Consumer Products says, “The Disaster Preparedness campaign is part of a larger nationwide initiative to educate the population on the importance of being prepared should a disaster occur. AMCO in conjunction with our leading brands like Energizer, Brunswick, Clean and White Bleach and Bop Insecticide have been involved in reminding the population to be prepared for the Hurricane Season for the past seven (7) years.”

In past years AMCO’s efforts have been based primarily in local supermarkets however, this year they decided to expand the message of being prepared and proactive by including a Community Outreach program and a nationwide promotion that involves the chance to win up to $40,000 in cash.

ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Corporate Communications Department
Thursday 24th July, 2014

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